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kate was her name
and all kates are saucy
Look, I finally got off my ass and made a friends only banner >:D<

Milo & Otis!!! >:D

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TO flowershoes!!!!!!

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Hello! Just another brief update on my lovely, lovely, opera thing before i jet off for day three!

- i get to be a hooker in sweeney todd :)) huzzah!
- every one has a solo, EVEN ME wah i'm so scared. at least it's only one line :))
- we wandered around south bank at lunch, clicking and dancing (well. robbie was dancing.) and singing songs from West Side Story
- after which i changed everyone's ring tone to Sweeney Todd :))
- i bought my book about "art, letters and music in the jazz age" which is pretty (Y)
- i have developed a deep love for the city cat
- i cannot express the greatness of this crowd

okay! off now for day three! huzzah!

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Ahahaha, this is such a GIP. I have others, too.

AND WHY. Because I miss the old days ;_;

OKAY! So it's not a GIP after all. This got a little out of hand. My bad.Collapse )

My apologies for the melodramatic tone. I just like melodrama, that's all.

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WELL DONE KURT!!!!!!!!!!!!111one

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WELL. Guess what my New Years resolution is? It's friends-only now. Sorry guys.
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Well, this is the end of 2003 :S I don't want to go into 2004, I am absolutely terrified, etc, etc, I've plagued you all with it enough.

I am off to see Pan a third time this morning, with my Mum B-) Ahaha, I am so excited. I am more excited about seeing Pan a third time than I was about seeing RotK the first.

BAFFLE. In less than a week. BAFFLE. (Y) (Baffle is this place, that isn't really a town because there are no shops or schools or anything. Just beach houses. Only, not really beach, because there's no beach. But there is Baffle Creek which looks, smells and feels like a beach. Salt water, sand, fish, and all that jazz. Except waves. No waves :)) ANYWAY, Kathynessmelme go up there for a week every year and live together and cook all our own meals and fight over what we're listening to and ourloveissodomestic)

I will more than likely do that 2003 meme when I get home from Pan this morning.

Happy New Year's Eve guys. (Y)

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hello all.

i just got back from rotk.

i didn't cry.

i know, i am a freak.

i know, i am truly insensitive and heartless. only not really! because i felt sad and all, but i did not cry.

i cry in ANYTHING. (ie pan, love actually, kids helpline ads, DR PHIL) and still i did not cry in rotk.

i was kind of nonplussed actually. it was fantastic, of course, and i knew it was going to be fantastic, so it really wasn't surprising. i knew it was going to be totally overwhelming, and i was totally overwhelmed, only i was expecting to be overwhelmed, so it wasn't really overwhelming.

spoilersCollapse )

and i'm going to see ian mckellen in sydney in a few weeks time :D

OOOANDOMG i bought the best t-shirt ever today. it is blue. with tinker bell on it (disney!tink, but whatever) and she's facing the other way, and looking over her shoulder all coy and it says in big writing "playmate" and in smaller "for lost boys" I love it, i really do.

i found out today my roman holiday mug can hold 500ml. isn't that just the greatest thing? that means i had 500ml of tea this morning. no wonder i felt sick.

IN SUMMARY: i would rather see pan again than rotk again, and my mug really is huge.

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Ahahahaha. I've been meaning to link that for three days now. *slack*

Poor little corgi. I never liked Princess Ann anyway.

Ahahahah, I watched World Idol last night.Collapse )

In other news, I have $1.50 in coupons. I have 50c away from 50 icons!

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I am off to see RotK today at 4:30, thought you'd all like to know. (provided we can get tickets or whatever :))) Sadly, I am quite un-excited. I am more excited about going to see Pan again on Monday :))

I dreamt last night that my annotated Pan arrived, and I went and bought it, and the annotations sucked. I woke up with tears in my eyes. Then I went back to sleep and dreamt that I someone bought me a year's paid account, and a year's 50 icons, woke up, realised it wasn't true and cried :)):)):)) *loser*

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